1 sept. 2015

Algo y ritmos

En el antes o el después, me plantaría en la O y en su serenidad presente, volviéndose tocada por la locura en su boca cerrada como en un portazo perdiendo de vista la S para poder hallar la D. Sin embargo, entre las dos letras hay un mar de posibilidades que no han sido barajadas esta vez por hastío... por la vulgar vaguería, porque no es nada que no haya visto antes. Y esa es la ecuación sin solución que el polvo va a tragarse de un momento a otro, pero estoy en marcha para experimentar lo que sea que vaya a salirme al paso.

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Robson Santos dijo...

Hi there.

Here was I, looking through my online stuff... When I see your 2011~1013's YouTube account under subscribers. Well, I am no content producer, so it came to me as something strange, having someone that I never saw around "following me"... sometime in the past, to boot.

Well, some reason there was - maybe one of my old social studies playlists.

But that's beyond the point.
I got curious about your last video - "Día 11" - and decided to watch it; it hit me as something so personal, so beautiful.
Then I proceeded to watch days 1 to 10, all the while feeling like I was this voyeur person invading someone's personal space, reading through someone's else personal daily diary laid bare before my eyes. Such a... unique experience.

...Then your YT channel linked here and I thought "... hm, why not?"
So here am I, to say hello.

"Hi there, stranger!"


You were (are?) such a tomboy!
Well, take that as a compliment, please. *long explanation redacted*

Thank you for creating and sharing those moments.
Maybe you should take the videos down? I don't know. Kinda sad to see the project there, interrupted. Revoking that subscription to my channel would make sense tho - unless you want to keep in touch and learn some portuguese from me. Not complaining, just that a complete stranger ended up seeing your videos and is now posting on your personal blog... The internet is strange like that and works in mysterious ways. Unless we talk trolls. Trolls aren't mysterious. They are predictable.


[portuguese] mas é claro que você não vai querer aprender português... Quem iria querer? É uma lingua tão parecida com o espanhol! Dá pra entender tudinho.


Again... thank you, I guess?
Wish you happiness, cute kitty!

P.S.: Your poems are beautiful.
Well, I felt like intruding, so I only really read the most recent one, but yeah: they are beautiful, carnal, deep, personal.

Noem dijo...

Thanks for your words, bro! I guess... I don't know, i don't know what ask you jajajajajaja You like my videos and that make me smile. I would love to learn portuguese some day, i love it. And no, I'm not a tomboy xd But yes, I'm homosexual.
I'm glad to have coincided in this world. Kisses and good vibes!